A Beginner’s Guide to Pool and Spa Maintenance

Pool | 01/29/19

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Every new pool owner feels overwhelmed and intimidated at some point. The thought of learning the ins and outs of a pool, not to mention which chemicals to buy, is downright mindboggling. We’re here to help with a simple beginner’s guide to pool and spa maintenance.

Why Pool and Spa Maintenance is Important

All the pool plumbing and equipment work together to create what is known as your pool’s circulation system. Dirt, debris, algae, and bacteria are all culprits that will affect your pool circulation and interior appearance.  Dirt and debris can clog your pool’s circulation system and reduce the cleaning effectiveness of your swimming pool. When this happens, the circulation doesn’t flow as it should, which can result in a dirty, cloudy pool.

Would you dip your toe in a green pool? Regular pool and spa maintenance is important to keeping those you love safe from dirt and bacteria that could be lingering in your pool. By keeping your pool’s circulation healthy, you’ll keep your family healthy. Plus, you’ll always walk out to water that’s clear and free of algae. Preventative maintenance is an investment in protecting the appearance, integrity and longevity of your pool equipment and finish.

Basic Anatomy of a Pool

The pool water is properly circulated when your pool pump is turned on. To minimize any negative developments in your pool water, it is important to run your pool pump regularly. We recommend running it a minimum of 8 hours a day. Larger pools will require a longer run time for adequate cleaning and proper circulation of chemicals.

Pool pump – The heartbeat of your pool, the pump keeps the water circulating.

Skimmers – Different than a net skimmer, the in-deck skimmer(s) in your pool deck are the first location that catches the large debris before it arrives at the filter.

Filter – The filter does the dirty work by clearing contaminates from the pool water.

Water Chemistry

The easiest way to start getting to know your pool is to use a water test kit. Balancing the water’s pH level, alkalinity, chlorine level and calcium hardness levels will minimize the chance of staining and keep bacteria from creating algae growth in your pool.

The life, appearance and longevity of your pool equipment and interior finish require regular

(bi-weekly) water testing and adjustment (if required).

  • pH level = 7.2 to 7.4 (year-round)
  • Alkaline level = 100 to 120ppm
  • Chlorine level = 1-1.5ppm (winter) to 2-3ppm (summer over 95 degrees)

Bi- Weekly Testing/Weekly Cleaning

Your bi-weekly maintenance schedule should look like this:

  • Use a surface skimmer or net cleaner to clear away the leaves and debris from the water’s surface.
  • Brush the walls and floor with a surface brush to get rid of dirt or algae that may have settled and can’t be picked up by a vacuum or net.
  • A self-cleaning vacuum can be used to clean loose dirt and debris throughout the week, which makes your cleaning job easier.
  • Use a water test kit to check the water’s pH level and balance the water if necessary.
  • Add pool shock to help your chlorine do its job

Monthly Maintenance

In between bi-weekly chemical testing and cleaning, you should also do a thorough assessment of the pump and filters. The most expensive maintenance costs usually have to do with the pool’s pump. Make sure the pump and filter are working properly. Clean out (or backwash if a sand/DE filter) the filter and dump out the skimmer basket(s) so they’re clear of debris.

Keeping your pool filtration system clean and free of debris, is the best way to ensure optimum filtration of your pool water. Keeping the chemicals balanced is the best way to protect your pool equipment, interior finish and tile grout. These preventative efforts help you to enjoy family pool memories that will last a lifetime.

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