Backyard Entertainment | 03/27/20

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Create a Resort-Like Staycation Right at Home

Having a pool in Arizona is already like building a mini resort in your backyard. Beautiful sunshine, sparkling blue water, tons of opportunities for fun—what more do you need!

If you’re looking for a few more ways to feel like you’re on vacation any time of year, we’ve got you covered with these 10 easy tips.

  1. Hang a hammock – Something about swinging lazily in a hammock reminds us of tropical beaches. Grab a book, a glass of lemonade and let the gentle breezes rock you into pure bliss.
  2. Fire up the firepit – Firepits make a party no matter what time of year! Light up your firepit (or pick one up) and gather family and friends around to swap stories, tell jokes and play games like Telephone or 20 Questions.
  3. Break out the s’mores – Ooey, gooey, chocolatey s’mores are the hallmark of a good “vacation.” Stock up on supplies so you can make any day s’more fun!
  4. Learn to make towel animals – Delight your kids by surprising them with a fluffy turtle, elephant or stingray. YouTube has hundreds of videos that can teach you how to make towel animals.
  5. Have an outdoor movie night – Bring your TV outside, turn on your favorite movie, and enjoy it from the comfort of your patio furniture or pool float.
  6. Play a pool playlist – You can find tons of pre-made pool playlists on Spotify, or you can create your own hit list.
  7. Have a “fancy” outdoor dinner – Set the scene next to your pool with low outdoor lights, candles, soft music and your good dinnerware. Dress up like you’re going to the best restaurant at a five-star resort. No matter what’s for dinner, you’ll forget you’re in your own backyard.
  8. Read a book – Have a stack of books you just haven’t gotten to? Pick the top one (or find inspiration in our 10 Best Poolside Reads list), settle into your favorite lounge chair, and get swept away in stories of adventure, romance, crime and comical mishaps.
  9. Create a “Pool Olympics” – Put together a series of pool games (think Sharks & Minnows, floatie races, cannonball competitions) and award prizes for the winners.
  10. Make a BBQ “food show” – Ever watch a cooking show and think, I can do that? Now’s your chance—and kids will love it! Get the grill going and take turns pretending to be the cooking show host. Or, pit people together Chopped-style to see what they can come up with using random ingredients.

With so many staycation things to do by the pool in Arizona, why go anywhere else?