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Appreciated but often underestimated, your pool tiles are one of the most visually striking and engaging parts of your pool. These tiny tiles have both a functional and aesthetic elements, and they are one of the most easily customizable “finishes” for your pool. When selecting tile, you have you option of size, color, and even shape in some instances. The other important option is the type of tile you choose which can have a major effect on the appearance of your pool.

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Glass Tiles

Instantly increasing the depth of your pool while remaining incredibly durable, glass tiles are amongst the most popular type of pool tile on the market today. Glass tiles may have a higher price tag than other varieties, but they are deeper and broader, giving your pool the illusion of being far deeper and more colorful than it really is.

Mosaic Tiles

For those on the market for designs and lots of color, mosaic tiles may be your best option. These tiles come in a variety of “themes” and sizes. They are quite often used to create intricate designs at the bottom of one’s pool and not just along the walls or tile line.

Porcelain Tiles

Easy to clean and soft to the touch, porcelain tiles do break more easily than any other type of tile.

Considering You Design Options

The number one reason why tiles are the most customizable design feature you can incorporate into your poolscape is because it is an affordable way to add any number of patterns and shades of color to your pool. The earliest pools featured blue shades, but slowly Spanish tiles and then mosaic tiling began to complete against the classic aqua blue waterlines. Today’s tile trends lean more towards neutral shades and are typically all about blending shades and architecture. We at Shasta must be completely honest, however, and say that this is hardly a trend and that most pool owners choose designs and colors based on personal preference and the ambiance they choose to create.

Tune to the video below to learn more about choosing the right type of tile for your Shasta pool design:

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