Why Shasta Loves Infinity Pools

Pool | 02/10/14

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Of all of the pool features, infinity pools are one type that has grown in popularity so fast that many pool companies are struggling to keep up with the demand.  Once thought of only to exist in exclusive resorts, homeowners in Arizona and all across this country are now looking to install these vanishing edge pools into their own backyards, and for a number of good reasons:

1. An Elegant and Dramatic Option

Of all of the different pool design Arizona options, none is perhaps more dramatic and eye catching as having an infinity or vanishing edge pool. This style of pool immediately brings a sense of elegance and opulence to any home and garden, regardless of the backdrop or environment which the pool is installed in.

2. Can Double As a Lovely Water Feature

As far as modern pools go, no other type of pool will be able to as easily double up as a water feature than an infinity edge pool.  Whether it’s single level or multi-leveled, homeowners can strategically install this style of luxury pool on their property so that it gives a waterfall, fountain or even shooting water effect.

3. Blends Nature With Contemporary

The seamless end of where the water falls will help homeowners blend the appearance of any pool into their home and garden, while the shape and style of pool still provides a sense of the contemporary.

4. Compliments Breathtaking Scenery

For many, infinity pools are the perfect way to showcase the scenery that surrounds them.  One hot trend for this style of pool is creating a sweeping curve to the pool’s shape to give the pool a more natural appearance while affording pool lovers and guests with more space to enjoy the scenery that surrounds them (particularly if the pool is built on a hill).

5. A Diverse Pool Feature

Infinity pools are incredibly diverse, with this option being possible to incorporate into a seemingly limitless number of different pool types and designs and used in a number of different ways.