Pool | 01/13/14

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Winter is a great time of year for many people in this country to build their dream pool so that it’s up and running by summer.  If you’re one of the many out there who want to invest in a pool, then here are 3 mistakes you should avoid making when hiring a pool construction company:

1. “You Get What You Pay For

Everyone loves a bargain, but the bargain construction company you’re considering using likely isn’t the best option for you.  Contact 3 to 5 reputable and well established companies to get a good feel for what the high, low, and average cost is for building a pool.  Those that are in the average to high range typically have the experience, knowledge, and state of the art tool and materials necessary to build a pool that’s going to last and that you’re going to love.

2. Customized Orders

Unlike shopping for a car or a hot pair of shoes, every single pool that’s built is completely unique.  From the type of pool (fiberglass/gunite/vinyl lining) to the shape to the color, what you’re getting when you purchase a pool is completely unique to what anyone else has.  There will be water features that you may want to include, perhaps you like a beach entry over steps, or maybe you’re planning on an infinity or zero edge pool.  Even the ground that the constriction company has to work with may affect the cost (i.e. rocky ground may cost more than softer ground).

3. Guarantees

Here’s where a lot of inexperienced pool lovers get taken: they don’t get a guarantee.  Whether it’s a guarantee on the construction of the pool or the materials being used, many times pool owners are left with little to no guarantees, so when the poor craftsmanship of that “bargain” construction company goes awry, you’re left paying more in repairs than anything.

TIP:  How long a pool company has been in business is also an important “guarantee” to take into consideration, since most guarantees provided by a pool company are only good for as long as they company is in business.


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