Why Building a Concrete Swimming Pool in the Fall is Ideal

Backyard Entertainment | 12/19/13

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Thinking of building a new custom swimming pool? Fall is the best time to make your Phoenix backyard living dreams a reality!

For those who live in an area where there aren’t any extremes in temperature or weather, a concrete pool can ideally built at any point throughout the year.  This isn’t to say that those living in extremely hot or extremely cold temperatures can’t pour concrete to build their concrete pool, however there may be a number of problems that could potentially pop up along the way.  The Portland Cement Association addressed this issue by stating:

Temperature extremes make it difficult to properly cure concrete.  On hot days, too much water is lost by evaporation from newly placed concrete.  If the temperature drops too close to freezing, hydration slows to nearly a standstill.  Under these conditions, concrete ceases to gain strength and other undesirable properties.  In general, the temperature of the new concrete should not be allowed to fall below 50 Fahrenheit (10 Celcius) during the curing period.

The Time To Build Is Now

Arizona is known as being one of the hottest, sun baked states in this country.  If you live in the area, then you know just how hot the spring and summers can be.  During the fall and winter months though, we do still enjoy warmer temperatures than most of the country, they aren’t nearly as extreme and the amount of blazing sunlight we receive is significantly reduced.  Night time temperatures are still quite warm and balmy, making this time of year ideal for anyone who either:

a) Wants to build a new concrete pool; or

b) Has to have his or her concrete within the pool repaired

Other Considerations

The temperatures in the area may still be considered “hot” to most, but the number of daylight hours that we enjoy in Arizona significantly take a dip during the fall and winter months.  This means that less people are using their pools or planning on entertaining by the pool.

It’s also fair to note that since the pool is being used significantly less, that if there are any issues or problems that arise, it won’t have so great of an impact on you and your guests should there be a delay in repair or construction completion.

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