Pool | 10/24/13

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Pool lighting goes beyond the traditional applications of simply providing light for those late night swimmers. Today there are a number of interesting pool lighting options that are not only more energy efficient and longer lasting than the traditional bulb, but they can be used in unique and attractive ways to turn your pool into a pièce de resistance.

Fiber Optics

Best For:  Those looking for flexibility from their lights and want to create a unique space

Fiber optic lights have become amongst the most popular type of lighting for backyard pools.  These lights resemble long stands of hair that can be used in a variety of different ways in and around the pool. Chances are you’ll never need to replace them, they’re 100% waterproof, and you have a number of different color options to choose from.

LED Lighting

Best For:  The budget conscious who want reliable lighting

This type of pool lighting has overtaken the traditional bulb, but has more to offer than simply being your “bright light at night” solution. LED lights can come in variety of different colors so that you can add an instant decorative quality to your pool without blowing your budget.  While these lights do tend to be more expensive than others, they’re incredibly long lasting and also energy efficient.

Musical Lights

Best For:  Music lovers who love to be entertained

Want to create your very own backyard water show? Then consider adding some musical lights to your pool area. Your lighting can be synchronized to any genre of music, and in many cases, additional water features can also be included in the show (think fountains spouting to the beat of the music, or waterfalls overflowing with the swell of a crescendo).

Color Changing Lights

Best For:  The “fun” at heart

Unlike the LED lighting which provides only one color per light, you can invest in color changing lights that can be changed with just a push of a button.  You can choose colors to give a more festive feel, to create a certain ambiance, or to simply light up the pool or hot tub on a dark night.

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