Pool | 02/12/14

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When it comes to the vast array of different pool materials available for the construction of a swimming pool, one of the top choices out there is a gunite pool.  Wondering if gunite is right for you?  We’ll first talk about what is a gunite pool and why it may or not be the best option for you.

What Is Gunite?

Gunite is a form of concrete that’s sprayed via a “dry mix method” as opposed to a more traditional wet-mixed method.  Gunite arrives to a homeowners property in the form of a dry mix.  This dry mix is then pumped through a hose, and at the tip or nozzle just enough water is added so that a strong and durable material that can be applied to a number of free form and custom designs is created.

The Benefits of a Gunite Pool

Of all of the different pool materials construction options, gunite arguably offers the most benefits, starting with:

  • Durability: When properly cared for, gunite can last for several decades
  • High Compressive Strengths: Gunite has the highest compressive strength of all pool materials, being able to withstand anywhere from 7500 to 9000 psi
  • Fewer Joints:  Due to gunite having a very low water volume, there is a reduced volume change in water hydration.  This allows for fewer joints to be in the pool, which is ideal for optimal pool design and construction
  • Diverse Application Possibilities:  Given that gunite can be sprayed pretty much anywhere, it’s a great option for anyone who has created their own free form pool design.  It also allows for a number of customized design features

As an additional consideration, though not so much a worry in Arizona, in climates where freezing and thawing occurs, gunite can crack and stain if it isn’t properly reinforced with additional support and concrete.

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