Unique Pools And Spas For Arizona Pool Owners

Pool | 02/04/15

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Unique pools and spas are becoming a huge trend with pool lovers growing tired of the old school pools of the past. During our many years in operation we have been fortunate enough to see and even build some of the most unique pools and spas in Arizona, from large luxurious pools to creative small swimming pool designs.

Unique Pools and Spas for Long and Slender Backyards

A lot of pool owners who’s backyards are longer than than they are wide, believe that the only shape and design of pool suitable for them is a long, rectangular-shaped pool. After going over a number of designs, we were able to fulfill their dreams by constructing a freeform pool that resembled the private backyard oasis they always dreamed of. This pool features a baja ledge, rock features (including a rock waterfall) and an attached spa to create the ambiance and lifestyle features they were looking for from their pool.

Unique Pools and Spas for Smaller Backyards

A growing number of innovative small swimming pool designs are coming from the pool industry as the demand for smaller waterscapes increases. This design features an attached spa and a well placed infinity or negative edge that allows bathers to appreciate the quiet and serene environment that surrounds them.


Unique Pools and Spas for Loungers

Plunge pools are becoming all the rage, offering a refreshing spot for bathers to take a dip and cool off on a hot Arizona day. We found this small swimming pool design to be particularly unique in its placement in the yard, not running parallel to the fence line but rather defiantly built on a diagonal, making the pool an engaging and striking centerpiece.


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