Pool | 09/23/13

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Include some of these popular interior features in your next Phoenix swimming pool!

Having a pool is a treat, but what if you had the option to add a little something more to it to make your outdoor oasis even more fun, more relaxing and more suitable for your tastes and lifestyle? Below are some of the hottest interior features for pools today that you may want to consider incorporating into your own pool:

Baja Bench

Whether you plan to lay on the ledge directly or pull your deck chair right on in, a tanning ledge is the ideal place to catch the best rays possible.  With the reflective waters coursing around you, you’ll be sure to enhance any tan faster than you ever thought imaginable.

TIP:  As an added bonus, the shallow depth of a baja bench makes it an ideal area to sit and play with young children who may not be able to swim, or for those who may be afraid of venturing into deeper water.

In-Water Lounge Chairs

If you’re tired of fighting, flopping, and flipping over on your floating air mattress, then you may want to consider installing one of the hottest interior features to hit the pool scene:  in-water lounge chairs. In-water lounge chairs are permanently sunken into the pool (you can choose different styles of chairs that can change just how much of your body stays submerged) so you’ll always be kept comfortable and cool when lounging in your backyard.

Swim-Up Bar

This is a “must have” for anyone who regularly entertains guests in the backyard.  Nothing is more posh and fun than having your very own swim up bar that’s fully loaded with your favorite snacks and beverages.  Your bar can be as small or as large as you’d like, and can be made from a variety of materials so that it seamlessly blends into both your pool and garden.

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