Backyard Entertainment | 08/13/13

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If you’re looking to shape up the appearance of your Shasta pool this fall, then here are some tips to help get you started:

Non-Shedding Plants

By non-shedding we mean plants that would send a ton of leaves, petals, and other debris flying as soon as the rains and winds of fall hit.  Ideally you should choose plants that aren’t going to drip any petals and leaves into your swimming pool, otherwise you’re going to end up with a pool absolutely littered with junk.

Ornamental Grass

Ornamental grasses are becoming one of the hottest ways to add some natural tones to your backyard living space.  If you’re thinking of adding some to your backyard this fall, it’s best to select a grass that will be most appropriate for your geological location.  For example, many grasses require full Arizona sun, making them a bad choice for those living up north.  Look for grasses that are heartier and can grow in partial shade or full shade conditions.

Rock Formations 

Rocks are a great way to really add to your fall pool landscaping as they won’t leave any debris around your pool, and they won’t fade or die like plants will.  If you have any water features near or around your custom pool, strategically placing some rocks or large stones in the area can really help draw attention to them.

TIP:  Smaller stones can also easily be added to the backyard to create a neat walkway from your home to your pool


The type of lighting that you choose for your pool area will set the tone and ambiance of the area.  As fall brings about shorter days, it becomes all the more important for homeowners to make sure that their lighting is up to par.  Depending on your personal tastes, the lighting that you choose can range anywhere from inexpensive tiki torches to colourful in-pool lighting systems.  Whatever you do, make sure that the lighting you select is going to be placed in such a way that it’ll be highlighting the most gorgeous parts of your backyard.

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