Pool | 03/16/16

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Phoenix swimming pools offer families a place to escape from the hot summer sun that beats down on the area for the better part of the year. Homeowners look to build their own personal oasis, where they can take a little break from life and simply relax in their outdoor space. There are few people who would not like a pool at their house, but many are under the impression that designing and building a pool is an unachievable dream due to their financial situation. This deters some from even beginning to look into investing in a swimming pool.

If you are interested in building a pool at your Phoenix property, you should consider the logistics, including planning your swimming pool budget. Pool builders have multiple designs and types of pool to meet the needs of clients. Here are some tips for determining your swimming pool budget.

In-Ground or Above?

This is one of the first options considered when people decide that they would like a pool. Each have their own benefits and disadvantages. For instance, an above ground pool is a very economic choice, but you will not be able to customize the pool much after it has already been built. In-ground pools are not nearly as inexpensive to install, but they are easier to remodel and typically hold up longer, saving money long-term. If you decide that you would like to build an in-ground pool, your budget will need to be significantly higher than with an above ground design.

Custom Features

Modern pools are being built with some very impressive features and innovation. Many incorporate luxurious style such as waterfalls and fountains, while others stick to basics and save a little bit of money. When creating your pool budget, you should consider any custom features that you would like to have in the design of the pool or the filtration system. Ask your professional pool building service for current prices if you are unsure.


Of course, the larger the pool that you put into your backyard, the bigger the cost. If you are wanting to install a pool without breaking the bank, consider building a smaller pool. You can always add more features down the road—such as a custom spa or an outdoor kitchen. Keep the size of your pool functional, but also affordable. The shape of a pool can also raise the overall price of the finished product. If you wish to have a pool that is anything but square, expect to increase your budget.

Get a Consultation

One of the best steps that you can take towards gathering information to build a budget for your pool is to have a consultation with your professional builders of Phoenix swimming pools. For more information, visit our pools and spas page or contact a representative with Shasta Pools and Spas today.