Pool | 01/20/16

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Pool ownership often gets an unfair rap these days. While no one disputes the fun that can be had in a pool, especially during hot summer days, many balk at the idea of owning their own pool. Most of these people are buying into common myths and misconceptions about pool ownership. The tragedy is that this misinformation prevents some people from owning a pool that would significantly enhance the fun and utility they would get from their property.

To help steer these people back to the sensible path where they can objectively weigh their decision, we are going to debunk some of these persistent untruths. Read on to see three pool ownership’s worst myths busted.

Myth #1 “Building a Pool Is Too Expensive”

An in-ground pool is a significant investment, but it does not have to necessarily break the bank. There are pool projects out there that can accommodate nearly any budget or situation. Through careful planning and deliberate selection of only the features you need, building a pool can be affordable. Financing options provided by companies like Shasta Pools also ensure that you can begin your pool installation project without dipping into savings, taking out a loan or generally impacting your finances.

Myth #2 “Owning a Pool Is Not Worth the Hassle of Maintenance”

Like most aspects of homeownership, having a pool requires a certain level of upkeep. However, the task of maintaining your pool does not have to be a monumental drain of energy and time. In fact, most pool owners will spend far less time worrying about their pool as they would aspects like landscaping or keeping the dishes clean.

A simple amount of work once or twice a week can suffice. Learn how to maintain your pool’s chemistry and give it a skim or a vacuum every once in a while, and the process becomes much easier. Tools like saltwater generators, robotic pool cleaners and UV sanitization can also automate many of the more menial tasks, allowing you to enjoy more time swimming in your pool and less time sweating beside it.

The truth is that a large amount of the people complaining about pool maintenance have let their pool’s condition fall by the wayside. Neglecting your pool in this way can present significant work, but only because it had gotten so bad in the first place. Keep up with your pool or hire a regular pool maintenance service, and you will be able to enjoy it with far less stress, effort, or money spent on upkeep.

Myth #3 “A Pool Will Raise My Energy Bill Significantly”

This myth has persisted from the days when one-speed pool pumps and inefficient systems were the norm. These days, variable speed pumps can significantly cut down on the energy required to sanitize your pool while customizing its cleaning schedule to fit your yard. Other systems like LED lighting and low micron cartridge filters cut down on the energy required to fulfill other tasks. In short, you can be green and save green without having to let your pool turn green in the process.

Shasta Pools Can Address Any New Pool Installation Concerns You Have

If you have other worries about pool ownership that are standing in the way between you and your ideal summers, let Shasta Pools know. Our 50 plus years of experience has taught us just about everything there is to know about the pool industry, including how to make a new pool installation affordable and low-maintenance.

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