Pool | 06/28/15

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When customers contact the pool builders here at Shasta, they often ask us about “master pools”. What is a Master Pool and what’s the difference? As the only Master Pool Builders in the valley, we will take the time here today to answer this question and explain the many benefits of choosing a Master Pool.

downloadThe Master Pool: A Network Of First-Rate Professionals

The pools which we build here at Shasta Pools and Spas are often referred to as “Master Pools” because our pool builders are part of an elite global network of pool pros. The Master Pools Guild holds pool builders to a whole new level of commitment to their customers in a number of ways:

  • Members of the Master Pools Guild must adhere to a Code of Ethics which stresses the importance of respecting clients, employees and suppliers, shows integrity, and embraces good business practice
  • Those who are involved in the guild have access to a network of individuals who regularly share the latest technology, techniques, and design ideas
  • Each member must have shown a previous history and current commitment to high quality work and superior customer service

Adding Value To Your Pool

Being pool builders who are part of this guild reflects not only our reputation as being master craftsmen in the pool and spa industry, but it shows our commitment to our clients. We are able to bring cutting edge technologies, state of the art building techniques and only the best materials to every pool building and remodeling project. We have the skills, knowledge, and expertise necessary to design and create the best pools for our clients in ways which many others cannot.

Learn more about the prestigious Master Pools Guild and why Shasta is the only Master Pool Builder in the valley!

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