Pool | 04/24/15

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Before selecting a water features for pools, it’s important to consider not only the shape but the size of your aquatic retreat. Below are some tips for choosing the best pool water features for any size of pool, starting with often the most complicated of all: a small pool.

Water Features for Small Pools

The fact that there is less space in and around a small pool can make choosing the perfect water feature difficult. Owners of small pools need to focus on the placement of their pool water features, most of which work best by being positioned at one or both ends of the pool. That way, bathers still have room to comfortably swim in the pool without having to worry about any obstructions or obstacles.

  • Consider building a rocky grotto or stacked stone wall with a tumbling water fall at one end
  • Deck jets and quick cascades at one end of the pool are an attractive and on-trend pool water feature
  • Deck jets can be positioned and customized to accommodate smaller pools

Water Features for Large Pools

The more space you have, the more choice you have available when it comes to water features for pools. The key is to not go overboard and to try and carry a theme or create a certain atmosphere with the features that you select. For example, Grecian style pools do well with free standing ornate fountains, statues, and spilling water bowls. Modern or contemporary pools should opt for more sleek water features for pools, such as sheer descents and scuppers.


Water Features Suitable for All Pools

Some pool water features will work with almost any size or style of pool:

  • Hot tubs and spas with an added spillway
  • Deck jets
  • Spouts

With so many different designs and styles of water features for pools available, choosing the right one for your pool and patio can be overwhelming. We invite you to contact the professionals here at Shasta to help find the perfect water feature for your pool at Shasta Remodelling

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