Pool | 05/05/14

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Is there anything more enjoyable than coming up with ideas for your ultimate dream pool?  When one pictures beautiful pools, they often envision those that resemble a hidden tropical oasis – which is exactly what you can turn your pool into, especially with these hot luxury pool trends:

Glistening Glass Tilespool tiles

Glass tiles are already proving to be a huge hit for 2014, and for a good reason.  Not only are they impervious to the number of problems that come with ceramic tiles (they’re harder so less prone to cracking and breakage), but they’re also far more aesthetically pleasing.  You can find them in a wide variety of different colors and finishes to give your pool and the area that surrounds it a customized tropical feel.


pool with waterfallHardscapes

Those planning their dream pool are spoiled for choice when it comes to hardscapes, but some are going to be far more popular than others.  Our top three hardscape choices for a backyard tropical oasis for 2014 are:

  • Travertine:  Not only is it strong and beautiful, but this stone keeps cool on even the hottest of summer days
  • Flagstone: These handcrafted stone tiles are lovely to look at, and are smooth to touch
  • Pavers:  A fantastic choice for those who are looking to add a bit of a rustic feel to their backyard or pool area

Infinity Pools and Spasvacation pool

There is quite possibly nothing more luxurious than an infinity pool.  That seemingly endless stretch of water that mirrors its surroundings is what makes this pool a huge hit, and it can be incorporated into almost any pool design.



plunge poolPlunge Pools

When it comes to pools, size matters – or does it?  While most individuals may initially envision their dream pool being large and lagoon-esque, even those in smaller spaces can enjoy a taste of the tropics by incorporating a plunge pool or swim spa into their backyard.  Not only are plunge pools a great place to cool off, but any number of additional features (i.e. beach front entries, waterfalls, etc.) can be added, and the pool can have jets incorporated into the design so swimmers can still get a great workout.

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