The Features of an Arizona Modern Comfort Pool

Pool | 07/22/14

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With the popularity of luxury pools on the rise, it’s clear that the modern pool has become more than a place for homeowners to exercise. We all want a refreshing and tranquil spot for relaxing and lounging, which is why modern comfort pools often come outfitted with the following features:

Infinity Edge

Also known as a negative edge, disappearing edge, and vanishing edge, the infinity edge is becoming a staple feature for luxury pools. The infinity edge gives the effect of a pool’s water endlessly stretching and disappearing into the horizon by having the water flow over a weir wall.  It is then caught in a basin that recirculates the water back into the pool. These edges can be designed to blend into almost any area or surroundings.

Shallow Water Lounges

Tired of dragging your lawn chair into the pool? You weren’t the only one. Now many of the most high end luxury pools come equipped with lounges that are permanently sunk into the shallow waters of a pool (such as on a tanning ledge) so that you always have a comfortable seat that’s hovering just above the cool refreshing waters of your pool.

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Beach Entries

This one is a “must-have” for anyone who is dreaming or or already owns a lagoon-style pool.  The beach entry pool has a gradual sloping entryway which slowly descends deeper into the water. The entry can be finished in a wide array of textures and colors to match the atmosphere of your backyard or garden.


Sheer Descents

While waterfalls are still the most popular water feature amongst pool owners, today’s luxury pools are now featuring sheer descents. Unlike a water fall which can appear rough and bubbly, sheer descents are straight, linear, and glass-like in appearance. The clean lines of the sheer descent are what make this water feature ideal for modern comfort pools.

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