The Best Water Features to Match Your Pool Designs

Pool | 12/16/14

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Water features are both a stunning visual and audible delight. Certain water features may be better matched with certain pool designs over others. Whether you’re building a brand new pool or you are considering a remodel this winter, below is a list of our favorite water features when matched with some of Arizona’s most popular pool designs:

Free Form “Lagoon” Pools

The great thing about free form pools is that virtually any water feature can be paired up with this design. Given the more natural shape and appearance of the pool, selecting water features that have a more “natural” theme lend themselves best to this style of pool. When thinking of free form pool water features, consider:

  • Rock waterfalls
  • Mini jets
  • Spillways
  • Sheer descents

Grecian-Style Pools


Evoking a sense of the Mediterranean in its design, most water features selected for this style of pool tend to be more on the “classic” side. Though there’s nothing wrong with adding bubbling rock water fall to your Grecian pool, our favorite water features include:

  • Scuppers
  • Fountains
  • High-arching deck jets
  • Waterbowls (or planters with water features)
  • Sconces

Geometric Pools


Much like free-form pools, there are a whole lot of options when it comes to water features geometric pools. The one key difference is that given it’s crisp edges and clean lines, nature-inspired water features may not be so fitting with this style of pool. Consider adding features such as:

  • Deck jets
  • Sheer descents
  • Scuppers

Lap Pools

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Rectangular in shape and not featuring natural curves and edges, lap pools tend to do well with water features that compliment and follow its straight lines. Some of the best water features are:

  • A spa (after all, its nice to ease those muscles after a long swim!)
  • Deck jets
  • Sheer descents

Building a lap pool that includes an infinity edge or perimeter overflow will also elevate it’s standard pool appearance to contemporary luxury status.


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