Backyard Entertainment | 06/12/13

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Who can keep up with all of the new video games, phone apps, and other popular games? This summer, you can keep the kids entertained by introducing them to some “old-school” favorites that have been modified for the swimming pool.

Revive these classic children’s games by turning them into pool games. Your children will love the challenge of performing familiar tasks in the water.

Follow the Leader

Bring the game of “Follow the Leader” into the pool to teach the kids (or remind them) of the different strokes and floats.

Have a leader perform an action like doggie paddle, front stroke, back float, etc., and everyone has to mimic the action. After two to three minutes, the leader goes back with the group and a new leader performs different actions. Keep playing until everyone has had a chance to be a leader!

Egg and Spoon Race

Do you know the game where you run while holding an egg placed on a spoon? Well, bring it to the pool! Give the kids a little ball (instead of an egg) and challenge them to keep it on a spoon while they swim the length of the pool, all while racing each other. It’s sure to bring some good laughs to all those involved!

Simon Says

Simon Says is an easy game to bring into the water. Simply change up the instructions. Try commands like “doggy paddle” and “float on your back.” Remember, whoever follows a command that didn’t begin with Simon Says is out! Last one swimming wins!

Red Light Green Light

Turn Red Light Green Light into a pool race! Red Light means don’t move forward/tread water. Yellow light means breast stroke or doggy paddle. Green light means swim as fast as you can. All the swimmers start at one end of the pool. The leader stands at the opposite end and shouts out the instructions. (ex.“Red Light!”) Any swimmer that starts to swim on a Red Light command goes back to the start. Any swimmer that swims freestyle on a Yellow Light command goes back to the start. Whoever reaches the other side first wins. The leader can make it more fun by trying to trick the swimmers up.


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