Pool | 02/28/14

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Swim and play pools offer the best of both worlds: they’re a great place to exercise for the more fitness focused, and they also make a fantastic space for friends and family to splash, dash, and play.  Swim and play pools come in a variety of pool types and designs, though we’ll begin by looking at the fastest growing pool design trend in inground swimming pools designs this year:

Geometric Pools

Geometric pools have been increasing in popularity over the past few years, and for a good reason.  While appearing trendy and contemporary, homeowners can choose their very own geometric designs, so the pool itself not only looks great, but it can be totally tailored to suit the size and dimensions of your own backyard. 

Laguna Pools

The next extremely popular type of pool in Arizona is a laguna pools.  Naturalistic and promoting a sense of relaxation, laguna pools are as great for lounging as they are for frolicking.  Add in some great rock and water features such as a waterfall or a bubbler and you’ll quickly have a gorgeous oasis waiting for you every day in your own backyard.

Natural Swimming Pools

Though we say that laguna pools help bring a sense of nature back to the backyard, no pool type will do it better than a natural swimming pool.  These pools are both naturally cleaned and filtered, and often mimic the appearance of a backyard swimming hole or pond.  They’re the ideal way to bring both tranquility and wildlife to your garden.

Modern Comfort Pools

These swim and play pools are ideal for families and homeowners who regularly have guests over for a splash.  These pools are the perfect blend of style and comfort, often offering numerous different depths and entryways, such as beach entries or tanning ledge entries, to fully accommodate all swimmers.

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