Backyard Entertainment | 10/30/13

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Halloween brings with it the promise of terror and treats, so if you’re thinking of throwing a Halloween bash, it better deliver!  Here are some Halloween backyard activities that you can consider adding to your list of “things to do” to celebrate this “spooktacular” evening:

The Gruesome Mystery Bowl Game

This is one of the most beloved Halloween games of all time.  To get the game started, set aside some bowls and then fill them up with separate baggies of items that can be made into “body parts”, such as baggies of cold pasta, pudding, jello and peeled grapes.  Cover each bowl with a piece of black felt, blindfold each child before they approach the table, and then make them guess which “body part” they’re feeling as they reach into each bowl.  Make sure you’re standing by with a camera to capture their expressions as they reach into each bowl!

Scavenging for “Bone-A-Fied” Bones

For this game, you’ll need some larger cleaned bones from your past few meals or you can purchase some dog bones in a pinch.  A few days before your backyard bash, paint the majority of them white and then paint one (or more, depending on how many prizes you want to give out) orange or black to keep with the Halloween theme.  Whoever finds the orange or black bone wins a special prize, while the rest may win a separate little treat for their scavenging efforts.

The Ghoul Approved Bowling Game

Kids and adults alike will love playing your ghostly backyard bowling game.  For this game, all you need is a basketball or volleyball and some large soda bottles.  Wrap the ball up in gauze and glue on some super sized googly eyes, and glue white batting atop each soda bottle lid.  Your guests can then take turns bowling for points.

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