Backyard Entertainment | 09/23/13

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Try out one of these top swimming pool games at your next backyard bash!

If you’re looking for some games to liven up your end-of-summer pool party, then look no further.  We have of the best pool party ideas that kids of all ages are sure to enjoy:

Marco Polo

This simple, classic pool game is one that all kids (and adults!) can join in and play.  Begin by selecting one player to be “it”.  The person who is “it” will then close his or her eyes while the other players swim to other random locations in the pool.  When the one who is “it” says, “Marco!” the other players must then respond with, “Polo!”  Using those audio cues, the person who is “it” must then swim around the pool in search of the other players.  When someone is tagged, they become “it” and the game begins again.

Water Balloon Toss

Kids of all ages love water balloons, making this game a huge hit for almost any party.  All you need are:

  • Water balloons (enough for one per two children, though make sure you have some extras on hand)
  • An outdoor area to play

Begin by pairing up the children, and then have the children stand (inside the pool or out) 2-3 feet across from one another.  Give a balloon to one of the children in the pairing.  When you say “Go”, players should then begin tossing their water balloon back and forth. Each time they complete a successful pass, they need to take a step, or swim, backwards.  The team to finish with an unbroken balloon wins!

TIP:  This game can be played inside or outside of the pool.  To make it more challenging, have the players toss the balloons while keeping their feet off of the bottom of the pool.

Off To The Races (With Noodles)

With this game, players will “saddle” their pool noodles and step into the pool.  On the word “Go”, racers will then kick, paddle, and splash their way to the finish line.  Whoever gets there first, wins!

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