Poolside Halloween Activity and Decoration Ideas From Shasta

Backyard Entertainment | 10/17/13

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Whether you’re looking to take a dip or hangout on the patio, these decorations that you can easily use in and around your pool area can double up as items that you can use for activities and games.

Race On DIY Pool Noodle Spiders

Though you can keep your pool noodles in one large piece, if you cut them up into smaller chunks and string them on a rope, the spider legs will bend and look more authentic. You can create spider legs and have racers use their own body as the spider’s body as they swim from one end of the pool to another, or you can attach the noodles to something round, such as a basketball or a black beach ball.

TIP:  You can use pool noodles to help build your perfect costume, such as a spider costume or to help add structure to other designs.

Floating Pumpkin Splash and Dash

You can create your very own aquatic pumpkin patch in your backyard! Toss in a few pumpkins, and you’ll have your very own Halloween-themed centerpiece. If you have a few bathers who are willing to brave your ghostly waters, you can create an obstacle course with the pumpkins that swimmers will need to navigate in order to win the grand prize.

TIP:  You can carve a mouth on the pumpkins and they will still float with the mouth outside of the water

Shrunken Apple Heads Toss

Nothing will creep your guests out more than your shrunken apple heads. All you need to make these heads are some firm apples, lemon juice, salt, and a knife and marker to make your shrunken apple heads appear even more authentically human. These can be placed all around the pool and patio area, and can be used for your very own pool side (or in-pool) ring toss. Rings can easily be made with pool noodles, or you can toss a few different sized Hula hoops or rings into the pool.


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