Pool Exercise: The Benefits of Water Aerobics

Pool | 04/14/14

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The pool is a great place for people of all ages to get a great workout, and there are a number of water aerobics benefits that come from exercising in a pool.  Whether it’s swimming, aqua running, aquarobics or your own unique mixed style of aqua-cise, these are some of the water aerobics benefits that you can expect to enjoy from any number of pool exercises:

Low Impact

Whether you have arthritis, are recovering from a painful sports injury or are sore from yesterday’s workout, dipping into the water and exercising can reduce the weight of a person by up to 90% according to the American Council on Exercise.  This significantly reduces the burden that our joints and muscles would otherwise take on with “land” activities, such as running and yoga.

Natural Resistance

While you’re in the water, you’re increasing your muscle strength with natural resistance through your movements.  This resistance also helps increase your long term flexibility because the water affords you a wider range of motion.

Increased Lung Capacity

The added pressure of the water on our lungs force the lungs to work harder when we work out in the pool.  So by working out in the water, you’re increasing your lung capacity by making them work harder.

Reduced Heart Rate

For anyone with heart problems, this is certainly a benefit.  When you work out in the water compared to a land-based exercise, your heart will beat 17 beats less per minute.  While you may think that this is a drawback, it’s not.  You’re actually working out just as intensely as if you were on land.

A Mix Of Exercises is Key

These are just some of the water aerobics benefits that you can expect from working out in the water.  It’s important to note that to really optimize your fitness, a mixture of water aerobics and land-based exercises while under the guidance of a physician is the ideal way to achieve a full and complete workout.


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