Pool | 02/21/14

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Just as the colors we love and the style of clothing we prefer can speak volumes about who we are, pools types can also be indicative as to who we are as people: what our style is, what we like, what we hate, what we prefer.  Wondering which “pool type” you are? 

For The Young At Heart And Budget Savvy: Above Ground Swim And Play Pools

Above ground swim and play pools are a great option for individuals and families who may not have a huge budget but who love to have a great time.  These pools are quick and easy to set up in comparison to inground styles of pools and can be found in a variety of sizes.  The only drawback is that they lack the durability of other pool types.

For Those Who Love Leisure And Extravagance:  Luxury Pools

Infinity edges, gorgeous water features, fire and light features that dazzle and bedazzle – these are all common features of luxury pools.  Luxury pools are primarily designed for lounging, though most also include depths that allow for swimmers to have enough space to complete laps and get a great exercise session in.

For The Efficient And Space Limited:  Contemporary Pools

Typically rectangular in shape, most contemporary pools somewhat resemble traditional lap pools but may come with a variety of additional features and design elements that make them truly stand out.  Several now include some geometric elements, as well as interesting entryways, water features, and light features so they really light up the night.

For The Relaxed Naturalist: Laguna Pools

None of the pool types are more languid and relaxing than a laguna pool.  Reflecting the appearance of a natural pool of water, laguna pools are ideal for those who want to have their pool completely blend in with the appearance of their backyard while still offering a great space for friends and family to splash and play.

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