Backyard Entertainment | 07/10/13

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Looking for a fun indoor craft to do with the kids this summer to stay out of the blistering Arizona heat? How about letting them create their own under water adventure with this paper plate aquarium! All you need are a few simple art supplies and a little imagination, and the kids can share their own sea life for all to see.


2 white or blue paper plates

6-inch diameter circle of clear plastic (from packaging material or plastic wrap for food)

colored construction paper or tempera paint


Glue, tape and stapler

Crayons or markers

1 foot of thread or yarn


1. Turn one paper plate upside down and drawing a circle around the base of the plate and cut out the entire bottom (the part you would normally eat off of). This will become the viewing area of the aquarium.

2. Cut a circle of the clear plastic a bit larger of the front plate (about ¼ inch larger than the hole) for the viewing area. Tape the plastic to the inside of the plate that hasn’t been cut.

3. Make a blue background on the second plate by either gluing blue construction paper to it or coloring/painting it blue.

4. Draw or cut out fun sea animals and plants for the inside of the diorama. Green and bright colored fish and coral are perfect for the background. Think about starfish, jelly fish, seahorses, sharks and whales.

5. Add the sea creatures by either gluing them to the background or hanging them from the threads at different lengths.

6. Tape or staple the top plate to the back plate.

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