Phoenix Backyard Living: Outdoor Landscaping Tips

Backyard Entertainment | 01/30/14

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Spring is right around the corner, so get your Phoenix backyard living environment ready with these outdoor landscaping tips!

No matter how gorgeous the pool or spa that you build, having the properly groomed area that surrounds these thing is of the utmost importance if you want to have the most beautiful home and garden.  Today we’re giving you the top garden trends for the upcoming year so you can begin preparing your home and garden now for the new year:

Add Fragrant Florals

Not every bloom will be blessed with a delightful scent, but fortunately regardless of where you live you’ll be treated to an array of fragrant florals that will deliver a blissful scent any time of the year.  Be sure to visit your local florist for their top recommendations for your area and climate.

TIP:  Not keen on the fragrants?  Then why not settle on the variegated foliage?  These plants last all summer long, are incredibly attractive, and can be kept in a simple container or in a garden – your choice!

Build Teenie Tiny Homesteads

Homesteads are areas where homeowners will grow as much “useful” things in possible in a small area.  This can range anywhere from vegetables and fruits to herbs to anything else.  Either way, the goal is to use less space and less water, and yet to optimize on yield.  You can create homesteads in a tiny area of your garden by creating a raised garden bed and incorporating simple things such as bamboo and twine to grow climbing fruits and vegetables.

TIP: If you aren’t a homeowner, check out the number of community gardens that may be in your area.  Most cities now allow homeowners and apartment dwellers to “claim space” to some earth so that they can grow their very own fruits and vegetables.

Permeable Pavers

The “big deal” around the patio and garden this season are going to be permeable pavers.  These pavers not only look great, but they allow you to properly manage water so that your garden doesn’t become flooded.

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