Phoenix Backyard Living: Decorating for the Holidays

Backyard Entertainment | 12/20/13

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Doing some outdoor entertaining for the holidays? Get festive with these fun backyard decorating ideas!

The holidays are all about creating warmth, and you can create that warmth outdoors even if the temperatures are a tad more nippy than usual.  The key to creating an inviting space outdoors during the holidays is to make it bright and exciting, so be prepared to add some extra lighting to spice up these darker nights.  We’ll start with one of the easiest and yet most attractive ways to add some more light to your pool and patio area:

Wrapping LED Lights Around Trees

One of the simplest ways to add some tasteful holiday sophistication to your backyard is to take white (or colored) LED lights and wrap them around the trunks of a few select trees.  You should strategically try to choose to place lights around trees in different areas of the yard to draw attention to the many beautiful features of your garden.

Use Light Up Garlands Around Entryways And Pergolas

… or gazebos or even around the patio.  Where ever there is any sort of outdoor entryways or covering, adding a garland that also lights up will help add some light and instill some festive cheer into any Phoenix backyard living space.

Paper Lanterns Around The Pool

A great way to draw attention to your pool and get some great reflected light happening is to place paper lanterns all around your pool.  Round paper lanterns are particularly attractive as they look like bubbles sitting around the pool.

TIP: Use battery powered LED candles rather than real candles to keep everyone safe at your party.

Floating Orbs

A quick and inexpensive way to deck out your custom swimming pool for a holiday party is to nab some holiday-colored balloons and some glow sticks.  Activate the glow stick, and then place one or two glowsticks inside of each blown up balloon.  Simply tie up the balloon and then toss it onto the surface of your pool.  You’ll have an intriguing centerpiece in your backyard all night long!

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