New Pool Construction and the Record Breaking Shasta Difference

Pool | 02/24/16

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A home just isn’t complete without the addition of a swimming pool. Imagine all the fun, summer barbecues and birthday pool parties your family is missing out on, simply because your backyard isn’t suited for such an event. New pool construction from these record breaking experts will ensure that you will have the pool of your dreams installed into your very own yard.

Shasta Pools and Spas: Breaking Records and Taking Names

Back when Miami Vice and hair bands were all the rage, Shasta Pools and Spas was making and breaking world records in the pool industry. In 1981, Shasta built an entire pool from start to finish in less than eight hours. Impressive, right? Well, in 1989, they broke their own record by building a pool in just four hours. However, this shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to you because those at Shasta were the ones to build the first in-ground pool.

About the Shasta Difference

Aside from their unbelievable, record pool-building feats, there is a reason why Shasta has been considered the number one pool builder in the nation – that reason is the Shasta Difference. Awarding winning designs, unique construction process and their membership to the Master Pools Guild makes up this difference, setting Shasta apart from their competitors for miles and miles. When you choose to have your new pool built by Shasta, you won’t be disappointed with their service, dedication and sheer genius.

New Pool Construction and Your Arizona Backyard

With new pool construction, you can have your Arizona backyard transformed into a magnificent oasis in the sea of arid land. Exciting water features, gorgeous and timeless stone, and the perfect pool liner will bring the entire structure together, but why stop there? Outdoor living inclusions like an outdoor kitchen, a pergola and a fire pit will tie the whole yard together to create the ultimate, backyard hangout spot.

Have you been thinking about adding a pool to your Arizona home? Contact Shasta Pools and Spas today to learn more about building the perfect pool, beyond your wildest dreams and right in your own yard.


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