Pool | 09/13/14

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After a homeowner has decided on the type, shape, and size of the pool, the real fun begins.  Pool lovers today are spoiled with an ever-growing number of pool design features here in Arizona, which means any dream pool can become a reality.  When paging through pool pictures, make note of these modern and contemporary design features that can be found in many of Arizona’s modern pools:

Get Creative with Built-Ins

Built-in features include tanning edges, custom entries, and swim-up bars.  Not only do these features add more fun to your poolscape, but they also add greater functionality!  The gradually sloping beach front entry is a great example of this.  Many modern pools feature this type of entry not only because it increases the overall aesthetic appeal of the pool, but it also increases pool accessibility.

Customize Designs with Pool Finishes

Aggregate pool finishes have been a hot trend for years, but what’s really thrilling pool lovers these days are glass tiles.  Glass tiles are able to play with the light in such a way that they give the illusion a pool has greater depth than it actually does. Contrary to popular belief, glass tiles are incredibly durable and long lasting.   Iridescent tiles are what are seen in most pool pictures this year, but frosted glass tiles give pools a stunning and unique finish.

Set the Scene with Decking and Coping

Decks and patios are an extension of the home and contribute to the atmosphere of your backyard living space.  Deck pavers continue to be a top choice for homeowners as they’re long lasting, comfortable, and affordable, and they can be found in a variety of materials to fit your style and budget.

Add Sound and Movement through Water Features

Water features can transform any pool into an amazing work of art.  Each feature has the ability to create or enhance a desired atmosphere and ambiance as well as create a focal point in your backyard. Sophisticated and trendy sheer water falls have become a staple in modern pools, though deck jets, bubblers, and waterfalls will always a favorite.


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