Backyard Entertainment | 04/13/14

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Outdoor Kitchens are the Perfect Place to Spend Spring and Summer Nights

And they can be a perfect addition to complement your Arizona pool and backyard space. However, before considering an outdoor kitchen, there are many important factors to keep in mind, such as:

Space and Location

Ideal space and location for outdoor kitchens is somewhere that’s easily accessible and avoids main traffic areas.

Design & Layout

Outdoor kitchens can be made any way you’d like and can even match the design and style of your home and existing indoor kitchen. Usually, an outdoor kitchen is made to match your house and rest of your backyard so it creates a “flow”. Focal points are important things to consider if you’d like a seating area or a dedicated barbeque and grilling area, for example.


There are multiple features that can be added to your outdoor kitchen, including refrigerators, pizza overs, burners, and warming trays. Your outdoor kitchen be covered by a structure or open and outdoor kitchen surface can match the same material as your pool or deck. Depending on your lifestyle, these features can be integrated into your overall outdoor kitchen design.


Budget plays a huge role in the design and construction of your outdoor kitchen. Depending on your budget you can add or leave out specific features in your overall design.

Electricity and Gas

Lastly, there should be easy access to electricity and gas to make it cooking and entertaining as comfortable as possible and

The most important thing to keep in mind when designing an outdoor kitchen is to make it fit for you and your lifestyle. Watch the video below where Jim walks through the process of designing an outdoor kitchen:



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