How You Can Create A Warm Outdoor Space From Shasta

Backyard Entertainment | 11/16/13

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Why most of us tend to gravitate indoors during the cooler months is a no-brainer: it’s warmer in there!  But you can create a warm and inviting outdoor space on your very own patio or garden by taking these following tips into account:

Set Up Patio Heating

First and foremost, you need heating.  How much heat you’ll need will really depend on the time of year it is as well as where you live (i.e. those living in California won’t need nearly as much heat to convince family members and guests to move outwards than those living in Maine in January), but patio heating is always a great way to draw crowds outwards.

Include Fire Features

Next, to make the heat you provide seem even more authentic, consider adding some fire features to your backyard. These can be as basic as setting up some tiki torches or investing in a fire pit, or building a fireplace or incorporating firebowls around the pool and backyard area.

Offer Comfortable Seating

Rock hard lawn chairs do little to convince guests to get comfortable outdoors on even the hottest of days, so if you want to bring the party outside, strongly consider investing in many of the more comfortable seating options available today.  A hanging swing bench, over stuffed chairs and sofas, and even ergonomic-friendly lawn chairs with foot rests will work wonders in bringing friends and family outdoors.

Incorporate Mood Lighting

Though the moon and the stars will always provide the best mood lighting of all, not everyone can see it from indoors.  Consider the atmosphere that you’re trying to create and then include “mood lighting” that will help build or enhance that atmosphere, such as candle lanterns, strings of LED lights, or party torches that are solar powered.


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