Backyard Entertainment | 11/09/14

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Different pool shapes and designs will command an entirely different pool landscape, from lush and vibrant foliage to spaces incorporating more hardscapes then green spaces, like those very popular in the Arizona areas. Below are some of our ideas on how ShastaScapes can work with pool owners to make their pool landscape compliment the pool type of their choice.

Pond or Spa Pools

When working with a small space creating a pond or spa pool can be just the right fit. A pond pool gives the allusion you have your very own miniature pond in your backyard while still providing a place for you to cool off and relax. A spa pool can give your backyard a clean crisp feel that will help take away the anxieties of a long day while you lounge in your clean space.

* Plants & Foliage: When working with a small area, regardless of whether its a pond pool or a spa pool, potted plants are the way to go. Using planters gives you the option to move your plants around and create a new space whenever you like. Use plants like “Golden Sword” Yucca and Huercheras for either pond or spa looks. Since these are perennial plants they will last you a little longer than season choices.

* Decking: When it comes to decking in small areas just go with the whole thing! If you don’t mind not having a grass area choose a ShastaDeck color and stamp to cover your entire small backyard space. Let ShastaScape help you with built in planters near your fence line for added flair. For a more pond feel choose a darker color and for a spa feel stick with a light choice.

Geometric with a Twist

Straight edges mixed with semi-circles and clean cut lines, these pools are incredibly chic and modern, with many resembling a new take on the classic rectangular lap pool with a custom touch. Create sun-selves on the ends of a rectangular pool and add a water feature. These extra areas will provide the little ones some where to splash, your teenagers a place to lounge with their friends, and a beautiful view for you when you look out your window.


* Plants & Foliage: Raised beds that are placed to create balance around the pool work well as they are boxy and resemble the clean lines of the geometric pool and lap pool. Plants tend to be more minimal and should be selected to help support the tone you’re creating, but oriental grasses, banzais and agave plants are a top choice.

* Decking: Classic and rich tones are becoming an increasingly popular selection for modern pool landscapes, though the light concrete look will always be a favorite. Ask for a geometric stamp when you use ShastaDeck to create an organized look that flows through every aspect of the pool landscape.

Free form Oasis

Rarely having a straight edge, these pools closely resemble a secret oasis rather than a standard swimming pool. Many pool owners draw inspiration from the tropics or a desert oasis when planning the pool landscape for these aquatic retreats.


* Plants & Foliage: Lush, green tropical plants are ideal here. A palm tree or fern plant planted near the pool or in a planter that suits the atmosphere and architecture of the surroundings is best. Dig in and create shapely garden beds that compliment the shape of the pool, and add bursts of color by planting groups of seasonal foliage near the poolscape.

* Decking: Stone of varying types are a favorite of free form pool owners because these materials suit the natural tone of the pool landscape. Travertine pavers are a hit, though stamped decking also works well for those on a budget. With ShastaDeck’s 12 different colors and unique stamps we can help you achieve the perfect backyard oasis look.

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