Backyard Entertainment | 04/13/15

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Pools and patios naturally go together, but not all patios with pools are complimentary to one another. Small pools may be overburdened by some patio materials, while luxury pools may lose that sense of sophistication when coupled with brick or stone. We’re going to take a look at some of the key factors that Arizona homeowners should be taking into consideration when building patios with pools.

The Size of the Patio

Before you begin thinking about the materials or shape of you patio, you need to consider the size. Pool owners will spend the majority of their time hanging out and lounging on the patio, socializing with friends and family or dining al fresco by the pool. As a general guide for space:

  • Conversation areas to accommodate up to 6 people should, at minimum, be 10’x10′
  • Dining areas for patios with pools to accommodate up to 8 people should be at least 12’x12′
  • Pathways around pools should be a minimum of 3′
  • Two chairs and a small table will require a minimum of 6’x6′
  • Slides require a minimum of 7’x15′ of space, and diving boards a minimum of 8′ in length and 6′ in width

The Material of the Patio

Almost any material, when designed “just so,” can be paired with any type of pool. Some, however, work best with certain custom pools than the next.

For Luxury Pools and Fancy Pools: Take the theme of your home and garden into consideration. A wooden deck made of an exotic hardwood can create that sleek and super modern look that you may be going for, and materials such as stamped concrete and exposed aggregate can work, depending on the atmosphere you’re trying to create.

For Natural Pools: For pond pools or pond-inspired designs, opt for natural materials that will blend into the surrounding colors naturally given to you by nature. Wooden patios are always a top option, though brick or colored concrete, pavers and unglazed tile can look extraordinary.

For Lagoon Pools: Pools inspired by the tropics that are teeming with lush foliage and rocky grottos tend to do best with materials that help mirror the colors and textures found in that area. Exposed aggregate, stamped concrete, pavers and stone are all winning choices for these custom pools.

For more design inspiration, take a look at the Shasta photo gallery.

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