Pool | 04/04/19

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There are many reasons homeowners choose to give their backyard a makeover. If you have a certain vision for how you and your family should use your backyard, it probably is directly related to your lifestyle. The way you live your life should determine how you design your backyard.

Defining Your Lifestyle

You can define your lifestyle by asking yourself a few questions about your attitude, your values, and your identity. What kind of traditions do you believe in? Do you live for adventure? Here are a few questions to get you started.

–       Do you have young kids or grandkids? Or hope to in the future?

–       Do you like to travel and do adventurous activities?

–       How many nights of the week are you home?

–       Are you usually doing something outside on the weekends?

–       Do you like to have dinner at home? Or do you prefer to go out?  

–       Do you have any family traditions or hope to have some in the future?

–       Are you an entertainer? Are there kids at your home when you entertain?

–       Do you have pets or hope to in the future?

–       How would you describe your free time?

Answer some of these questions. Then, write down some of the common themes. For example, if you have kids and like to eat at home most nights, then family and togetherness might be a common theme for you.  

Building a Pool

The pool is the heart of any backyard. Swimming and pool activities provide hours of fun for many years. Depending on your lifestyle, you might decide to build a large lounging step where you can plant some chairs and chill in the sun. Or you might decide to build a pool that’s fit for a basketball hoop and a volleyball net.

The style of your pool is a reflection of your lifestyle. That’s why it’s so important to know your lifestyle before you start designing your backyard. As Phoenix pool experts, we get to know you and your family in a one-on-one consultation to ensure we build a pool that’s fit for you now and for many years to come.

Installing the Landscape

Once your pool is built, add the finishing touches with landscaping and details. If you have a busy lifestyle, a low-maintenance landscape is a great option. Succulents, cactus plants, and citrus trees are just a few examples of a low-maintenance landscape that is also beautiful. If you’ll be spending a lot of time playing outside, grass or artificial turf is a beautiful way to give your kids an open space to play in.

For those who have a green thumb, consider planting more unique landscape selections that you can care for. Family vegetable gardens are also a fun addition to your backyard for growing fresh produce and teaching your kids about growing crops. No matter your lifestyle, there are many landscape options to enhance your pool.

Give your backyard a Shasta makeover!

If you’re dreaming of a backyard makeover, but don’t have the pool of your dreams yet, it’s time to start building it. If you’re ready to experience the Shasta difference, contact us to get started building the perfect pool for your lifestyle. Plus, start designing your dream backyard today with our online pool builder.