Pool | 12/12/13

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Fiber optics are an ideal feature choice for every pool and spa owner.  Not only are they easy to install, but they’re an extremely cost effective way to completely transform your pool or spa area into a dazzling nighttime display.  Fiber optic lights can be installed in a variety of ways to add some “pizzazz” to your water features, starting with a fan favorite:

Fiber Optic Flow Fountains

Whether you choose one single stream of water or bunch several all together, having thin shots of water and light erupting from around your pool, patio and spa are sure to delight you and your guests every time.  You can choose from a variety of light colors that will help create your desired mood or atmosphere around the pool, and you can even change the colors to match themed parties, holiday celebrations, and more.

Lighted Bubblers

Bubblers are a fantastic addition to any pool or spa, and are one of the simplest (and most affordable) ways to make your pool and spa more interesting and “nighttime friendly”.  They’re also a great option for anyone who doesn’t want or doesn’t have the budget to add in a large fountain.  As with the flow fountains, you can choose from a variety of different colors to light up the night!

Star Floors

Not only are “star floors” functional in that they increase the visibility of stairs and other pool features, but they’re absolutely gorgeous.  Star floors can be placed all throughout the pool or in specific areas or sections that you want to be highlighted either for safety reasons or to help compliment other features (i.e. having a series of flow fountains fall into an area of the pool with a sparkling “star floor” can give a cosmic “falling star” effect).


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