Pool | 11/07/13

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Fire features of any type are becoming all the rage, and understandably so. No other features that you can add to your backyard will give you both the coziness and the ambiance as a fire feature, though with each feature comes its own personality which can create a whole different “feel” for your backyard or patio area.

If you’re deliberating between incorporating a fire pit or a fire place in your backyard or patio area, here are some points to consider:

Fire Pits

Fire pits are the ideal choice if you want to create a gathering in an area that may be positioned a bit further away from the ‘common’ gathering area (i.e. away from the beer taps or counter in your outdoor kitchen).  Fire pits are very appealing as they help create a spatial hub with any furniture or furnishings then radiating straight out from the pit.


The functional use of a fireplace differs quite a bite from that of a fire pit.  Unlike fire pits which encourage individuals to get together, a fireplace can be used to divide space, or to create a perimeter in a certain area. They must appear to be wall-like, as the fireplace itself requires a “firebox” which ill be hidden within this vertical structure.

What it really boils down to when selecting between the two is what you hope to gain from your outdoor space: do you want to create a space where individuals will gladly get together and spend countless hours sharing stores and telling tales?  Or are you looking for a unique way to add some comfort and greater customization to your outdoor space?  Fireplaces are great for intimate gatherings, but for those who enjoy throwing events where friends and family members are getting together to chat, then a fire pit paired up with some comfortable furniture may be the way to go.


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