Design Features for Contemporary Pools

Pool | 03/10/14

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There may be a variety of pool design Arizona choices out there, but one of the fastest growing designs is the contemporary pool.  These pools are an attractive choice to homeowners since they can compliment almost any home, come in a variety of sizes, and can fit into almost any space, regardless of how big or how small.

Straight And Streamlined

For the most part, contemporary pools are straight and streamlined, often in a rectangular shape.  Though they may resemble a lap pool, many will include varying depths, unlike the classic lap pool design.


A large number of cool pool designs today are foliage-free.  By keeping the area free from plants (i.e. flowers, ornamental plants, shrubbery), pool owners are then able to showcase the pool as well as maintain a modern and uncluttered space around it.

Negative Edge

Also known as an infinity edge, this design feature has become one of the most popular in Phoenix pool design.  Not only does this feature give the impression of having a never ending stretching pool of water, but it also helps highlight and draw attention to the beauty that surrounds it.

Glass-Like Water

Forget fountains and bubblers.  Contemporary pools are all about keeping things nice and easy, which includes having glass-like water whenever no bathers are by the pool.

Unique Entry Points

Pool design Arizona companies have created some truly unique entry options, offering a number of modern variations to step entries, beach entries, and even tanning ledge entries.

An Abundance Of Lounging Space

A key detail to all contemporary pools is that they’re surrounded by plenty of lounging space.  The decking is typically made of stone or pavers, though it’s not uncommon to see wood decking as well.  The deck space is usually full of stylish and modern furniture which promotes lounging and relaxation by the pool.

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