Backyard Entertainment | 09/10/14

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Garden planters are a fun way to enhance the ambiance of any backyard, keep aggressive plants contained, and to take advantage of sunny spots that you may not have otherwise been able to plant in, like on the pool deck.  When coming up with backyard pool ideas, consider the landscaping and how you can incorporate your own creative garden planter ideas into your outdoor living space:

Repurpose Housewares

Homeowners are becoming incredibly resourceful and innovative when it comes to creating their own one-of-a-kind garden planters.  From antique school desks to kitchen sinks to even toilets (giving a whole new definition to the term “potted plant”), repurposing housewares and fixtures as garden planters is a zany and fantastic money-saving way to create a certain ambiance in one’s backyard.  One of our favorites:  reusing old toys around the yard, such as dump trucks, as planters.  What a nice way to celebrate your family’s childhood!

TIP:  Refinish and repaint these items to freshen them up or to have them better suit your outdoor living space

Tipsy Turvy Pots

With so many variations, homeowners can try switching up different containers, sizes, and styles when creating their own unique tipsy turvy pots.  With just a bit of pipe or dowel, anyone can make their own series of pots, tea pots, kettles or whatever you fancy that are visually delightful and add a whole lot of interest to your backyard living space.

Wall Planters

Wall planters are a great way to add some interest and color along long stretches of monotonous color, such as a brick wall or fence.  Wire wall planters with bold, bright flowers are one of our favorite landscaping around the pool ideas as the wall can be seen from the pool, but the delicate flowers are far enough away from the pool so that the harsh chlorinated water doesn’t damage or destroy them.


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