Creating Your Picture Perfect Backyard

Pool | 03/31/16

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Now that you’ve decided to add a beautiful new in-ground, custom swimming pool to your backyard, it’s time to think of the entire space as a new project: What makes for an ideal backyard living environment? How can you make your backyard look and feel the most welcoming, comfortable and luxurious? What other aspects do you need to consider besides the custom swimming pool itself?

Adding a custom swimming pool to your Phoenix area backyard—whether in Scottsdale, Gilbert, Sun City West, Surprise, Queen Creek or Chandler—has likely been a dream for you and your family for a long time, so you want to make sure you get it just right. Here are some helpful tips and design ideas for creating the perfect backyard living environment for your family.

Pool Size and Shape

Beyond the obvious size limitations of your backyard, there are many different size and shape options for your new custom swimming pool. Take the whole space into consideration when determining the size and shape you want. For example, if you’re looking to add other features to your backyard space—such as a fire pit or outdoor cooking area—be sure the pool itself doesn’t take up too much space.

Now, think about who will be using this pool the most. Do you have a family full of competitive or recreational swimmers? An elongated pool is best for doing laps. Are there lots of small children in your pool’s future? Choose a shape with a separate, shallow swimming area. Taking each family member’s ideal pool usage into consideration will ensure that you’re on your way to creating a living space that everyone will love.

Water Features

An inviting backyard living space can act as a gathering spot for your family and friends to commune, and water features greatly add to a space’s atmosphere. What kinds of water features would you like to add to your custom swimming pool? If you are planning to incorporate lots of plants to your patio area, a natural rock waterfall will make the space feel even more like a tropical oasis. Deck jets or scuppers can really complement more geometric pool shapes. Thinking about the pool shape in regards to the rest of the space will really help you narrow your desires to one design aesthetic—don’t overdo it, as too many water features will detract rather than add to your beautiful backyard!

Custom Lighting

You’ve already created a beautiful backyard living space with your custom swimming pool and additional water features—adding custom lighting will only further highlight the beauty of your space, and there are so many interior and exterior pool lighting options available.

What kind of environment do you want to create with your backyard space? If entertaining is your MO, colorful interior pool lights can certainly make your space scream “pool party.” Soft interior lighting can also effectively highlight water features. Beyond ambience, though, lighting surely increases your space’s safety. Potential intruders are dissuaded by a backyard that’s illuminated, and walkway lights make the patio area safer for the whole family.

Patio and Decking Options for Your Custom Swimming Pool

Finally, it’s time to decide the size, shape and materials for the pool deck. Though there are many quality materials available, using materials that complement your home’s existing architectural style helps forge a cohesive, beautiful backyard living environment. Always stick with a consistent style for your backyard space—a quirky deck color may sound like a good idea, but it may also detract from your beautiful custom swimming pool.

When choosing the material for your patio, remember this living space is a long-term investment—you want to be sure to go with the best quality possible while still staying under budget. You’ll thank yourself in twenty years when your backyard living environment is still in great shape.

Now you’re well on your way to creating a beautiful backyard living space for your family. Need more tips? Shasta Pools and Spas of the greater Phoenix, AZ area has compiled a helpful, free guide in 4 Steps to a Beautiful Backyard Living Environment to help you select the right options for your custom swimming pool.