Pool | 11/07/14

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When building a swimming pool there are a lot of decisions to be made. When thinking of pool shapes and designs, homeowners have to think about what type of pool they want, how it’s going to be used, while also considering space constraints, and the ambiance they’re trying to create; all while keeping the price within their budget. To help you create your ideal poolscape, read up on some of the coolest and most popular pool designs and shapes below:

The “Knife Edge” or Perimeter Overflow Pool

Commonly associated with luxurious resorts, homeowners can now enjoy the opulent and smooth glassy waters of their very own perimeter overflow pool. Mirror-like in appearance, the water of these pools flows over all sides of the pool and are caught in a channel below, which then recirculates the water back into the pool. These are typically found in straight edge pool shapes (such as rectangular or lap pools) though creative pool builders can incorporate them into more free form pool designs.

The Spool


One of the most popular new pool trends this season is the “spool”. Being both a spa and a pool, the spool is ideal for smaller spaces as it allows pool lovers to enjoy both the benefits of a spa and a pool. Many can be equipped with specialized features that can allow avid swimmers to enjoy the benefits of a lap pool in this small space.

The Freeform Pool


Always a favorite, the freeform pool resembles a lagoon or pond and often comes with numerous rock features such as grottos, caves, and more. Typically striving to mimic a tropical oasis, free form pool shapes are perfect for those who want to create a relaxing, laid back spot in their backyard.


With a pool designer like Shasta we can help you choose your best design within your budget. While some designs tend to be a little more pricey we want to help you design the perfect backyard pool area. At Shasta, when we say we will be with you every step of the way we mean it. Not only can we help you budget the right pool but we will also help set up your financing. Whether you are getting a new pool or remodeling take a look at our financing options today.


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