Pool | 02/13/14

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Got cloudy pool water?  Fortunately, though unsightly, it’s a problem that typically can easily be fixed at home and without the need to call a pool maintenance company.

Causes of Cloudy Pool Water

A Slow Filter Turnover Rate

More often than not, that cloudy white pool water is due to a problem with the filtration system.  Start off by backwashing and cleaning out the filter (the cartridge and DE filters) as per the manufacturer’s instructions.  Also look at the sand that’s been trapped in the sand filter and look for any air pockets or clumps to determine if it needs to be replaced.  Run the filter for 24 hours, and your cloudy pool water will likely be cleared.    If not, it may be time to replace the filter media.

Algae Growth

If you’ve noticed that your pool has a hazy greenish appearance, then you’ve got some algae growth on your hands.  The best way to take care of this is to determine your pool’s chemistry, super chlorinate your pool and to give the walls and bottom of your pool a good brush down.

Unbalanced Water

The final most common cause for cloudy pool water is unbalanced water chemistry.  If, after testing the waters, you notice high calcium hardness and TDS, start off by replacing part of the pool water with fresh water that has a lower hardness and TDS.  Continue to do so until you reach proper pool chemistry.

The other reason why you may have cloudy water is a high pH and high alkalinity.  To solve this problem, add either dry or liquid acid to the water so that the pH is brought down so it’s between 7.2 to 7.8, and the alkalinity is brought down to 80 to 120.

If the cloudy pool water continues to be a problem, then it may be time to contact Shasta or any other pool professional for further recommendations for treatment (i.e. using a clarifying agent).

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