Pool | 03/06/14

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Whether it’s an above ground or inground pool, no backyard is complete without a deck around pool.  Building a deck around a pool, while challenging, is extremely rewarding and will help increase both the practical use of your backyard as well as its aesthetic appeal.  The first item on your list of considerations before you build a pool deck are:  

Get A Permit

There’s a good chance that you’ll require a permit before you start building that deck around pool.  Also consider any safety precautions that should be taken to keep yourself or anyone else working in the area safe and secure.

Select The Right Shape

There are a number of cool deck designs out today, so look around and get inspired.  Don’t feel that you need to be stuck with the traditional rectangular deck.  Your deck can closely resemble the shape of the pool, or you can build a truly unique shape to act as a contrast to your pool and the backyard surroundings.

Choose Your Material

Wooden decks are the classic choice, but they are by no means your only choice.  Concrete pavers, stone, and pebble are all popular options (though they will likely need to be installed by or under the guidance of a professional).

Choose Where It’s Going To Go

Sure, the deck is going to be going alongside the pool, but is the decking going to go all around the pool?  Will it extend to your outdoor kitchen or a lounging area?  Try to select an area where the decking will both be in shade and sun to provide comfortable coverage during those hot summer months.

Pick and Purchase Your Material

As important as it is to have an attractive material for your deck, also think about how it will react when it comes in contact with water and moisture. Explore waterproofing options for each material.

Once you have these items all picked out and ready, it’s then time to measure the area and place in support structures.  This is always best done when under the guidance of a professional contractor or pool company as it is essential this be done right to ensure the safety of your family and friends.  They’ll also be able to help you build steps, railings, and gates to keep your pool area secure.


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