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Having a small backyard or outdoor living space doesn’t mean that you have to settle with cooling off in a tiny plastic kiddie pool for the rest of your life. We’ve compiled a few of our favorite small swimming pool ideas so that you can begin creating and designing your custom pool.

Small Pool Ideas: Lap Pools

Small lap pools are a popular choice for those who are looking for patio pools that are close to or connected to a homeowner’s outdoor seating area.  Lap pools, though traditionally at least 12.5 meters in length, can be shortened or lengthened as desired and lovely water features such as sheer descents can be added along the interior wall to add some extra appeal.  If you plan on using your pool for exercising, add jets to the pool to create a steady stream of resistance that will allow you to still get a great workout in a small space.

Small Pool Ideas: Pond Pools

Pond pools come in two varieties:

  • A natural outdoor pond pool
  • A saltwater or chlorinated pool that has a pond shape

Both types are great for taking a refreshing dip in. The key differences here are how the pools clean themselves and how they appear.  If you’re going for the au natural look, then a natural pool is certainly the way to go. But if what you desire is a secret backyard oasis, then opt for a saltwater or chlorinated pool.

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Small Pool Ideas: Cocktail Pools (Spools)

Growing in popularity but still a lesser known amongst the different pool types is the cocktail pool or spool.  Designed specifically as swimming pools for small backyards, these pools are typically the same depth throughout and often have a heating element which can turn you pool into a spa (or “spool”) during the cooler months.

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Need a little more inspiration for your custom dream pool? Take a look at our Shasta gallery!



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