Pool | 07/15/14

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The best pools for families are those that have a lot of neat features for the kids and parents to enjoy. Whether you’re coming up with pool ideas for a brand new dream pool or are thinking of what kind of features you and the kids would love to have this summer, below are the 3 best pool features for you to add to your family’s dream pool:

1. A Slide

A slide that allows bathers to slip and slide into your pool’s cooling waters is a guaranteed hit with families. What often deters pool owners from including a slide in their pool designs Arizona is that when they think of a pool slide, they envision that old white plastic slide that many of us had in our own backyards 20 to 30 years ago.

Slides have come a long way since then, and now you can find pool slides attractively incorporated into a number of pool designs Arizona. Our personal favorite: the rocky grotto water slide!

2. Deck Jets

Deck jets are popular with adults and kids alike because they add a sense of excitement as well as luxury to your poolscape. Jets provide kids with a fun place to cool off if they don’t yet feel like taking a leap into the water, or the jets can create an “aqua tunnel” or arch for bathers to swim and play under. What may be coolest of all for kids is pairing the jets up with colored LED lights to create interesting special effects.

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3. A Tanning Ledge

Some of the best pools for families are pool designs Arizona that have tanning ledges. While these ledges do create a nice spot for adults to cool off while catching some rays, children who may not know how to swim or who may be a bit shy about getting all the way into the water can still cool off and enjoy the pool while playing on a tanning ledge.

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