Pool | 04/18/19

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It’s summer and your kids want to go swimming. You could pack up the car and head to the community pool. You might remember sunscreen, you might not. Or, you could open your back door and walk right out to a beautiful, custom inground swimming pool. For those who are thinking about building a pool in their backyard, we believe the benefits are so worth the financial investment.

Building Relationships that Last Forever

Many books have been written on the long-term mental and physical benefits of having a close relationship with your kids. Seeing the world through the eyes of your little one allows you to connect with them in ways you didn’t know possible. For families, playing in a swimming pool is a healthy way to spend quality time together. What’s great about the pool is that you’re forced to get creative and interact with each other. It’s fun to see what new games your kids will invent or how their imagination takes over when they’re creatively stimulated.

Social Skills and Confidence-Building

With a swimming pool, you have endless opportunities to connect with your kids and build lasting relationships. Another benefit? It’ll make you feel young again! When was the last time you laughed so hard you cried? Or hosted a party at your house? There’s something about pool parties that bring out the silly and playful side of adults and kids. And we love it. Invite the neighbors over and give your kids an opportunity to socialize and build their confidence by playing in a safe space. Maybe you’ll be known as the entertaining house on the block. How fun!

Low Impact Exercise Without the Gym

Did you know that swimming is a wonderful form of exercise? For adults and kids, swimming is a great form of physical activity that provides all the benefits of other physical activities without the high impact on our bodies. Kids can get those hearts pumping, and you can get your daily workout in without having to go to a gym. You can even exercise in the pool while your kids play to demonstrate healthy habits.

Give your backyard a Shasta makeover!

If you’re dreaming of a backyard makeover, but don’t have the pool of your dreams yet, it’s time to start building it. If you’re ready to experience the Shasta difference, contact us to get started building the perfect pool for your lifestyle. Plus, start designing your dream backyard today with our online pool builder.