Pool | 12/09/13

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In the next few months, several brand new pools will be built in your neighborhood.  Unfortunately, the majority of homeowners who have had that pool built didn’t bother to read or ask questions about the contract or the warranty that the pool construction company provided them with.  Before you sign on the dotted line for any pool, make sure that you read the contract carefully and understand what’s covered, and what’s not.

What May Be Covered In The Warranty

Though this could vary from company to company, there are usually three “parts” of the pool that will be covered under your warranty:

  1. The pool’s structure: This includes the integrity of the walls, the concrete itself, and any reinforcements
  2. The equipment in the pool: This could include items like pumps, filters, skimmers and heaters
  3. The plumbing for the pool: You may be covered for a variety of workmanship and materials related to the electrical, gas, piping and plumbing for the pool

What Surprises Homeowners About Their Warranty

All too often homeowners assume that the items above pretty much cover everything.  Not so.  For example, any sort of cracks or chips in the gunite or concrete won’t be covered because these materials will have been exposed to the elements.  Any discoloration of the vinyl or fiberglass in your pool also will likely not be covered, as the pool company will chalk that up to poor pool maintenance on your part.

TIP:  Double check and make sure “who” is covering “what” under your warranty.  The construction of the pool may be covered by the dealer, but any problems with a filter or heater may be covered by the manufacturer.

Understand Pro-Rated Warranties

Some pool companies will offer you a “pro-rated warranty”.  This essentially means that the pool company will only credit you some percentage of the original full cost, based on how long you’ve had the pool.

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