Backyard Entertainment | 01/02/14

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Which pool shape will you choose for your new Phoenix swimming pool?

Once upon a time, lagoon-style pools were all the rage. This isn’t overly surprising as pools are thought of as being placid, relaxing places where one can laze and lounge all day long.  The lagoon shape seemed to be the ideal choice.

While lagoon-shaped pools are still fairly popular, they are abruptly being overtaken by another “shape” or style – geometric styles.  No longer are those freeform lagoons the top pool choice amongst homeowners.  Now homeowners want incredibly detailed geometric designs.  But why is this happening?

Lagoon Style Is Old School

Everyone wants to have the trendiest and best looking pool on the block, right?  Well, everyone’s tired of the lagoon style, and now are opting for unique geometric designs that speak to themselves and their personality.  Homeowners can contact pool contractors and builders and request that they build the most outrages designs, and quality pool companies will be able to meet that demand and deliver an extraordinary product.

Complimentary To The Home And Garden

For many homeowners, geometrically designed pools just so happen to best suit their home and garden.  Having a pond or lake-like pool in the backyard isn’t complimentary to all homes; many gardens and homes are quite geometric themselves, and so sticking with more boxy or fully formed shaped designs can better compliment the backyard and the house than smooth lagoon styles.

TIP:  Your home’s corners and the alignment of your pools’ angling must be done perfectly in order to create that extremely clean and well planned out architectural element that homeowners are seeking when they choose to have a geometric pool built.

More Diversity And Interest

Finally, geometric designs are interesting.  If you get really creative with it, you’ll truly have a one of a kind pool that no one else has ever seen elsewhere.  Pair the design up with some great materials and decking, and you’ll surely have a state of the art pool and spa area that will have friends and family begging to come pay you a visit.

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