Pool | 02/07/14

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One of the hottest trends this year in the pool industry is the natural swimming pool.  Though arguably just as clean as your standard pool, the natural swimming pool actually looks more like a backyard pond or swimming hole that one may find out in the wild than in one’s backyard.  To give you a better sense as to what this custom pool design has to offer, we’ve listed our top 5 features for this Arizona pool design, starting with:

1. Chemical-Free

Apart from appearing to be 100% natural, another huge draw to this type of pool is that they are 100% chemical free.  Rather than use chemicals, these pools make use of the organic purification properties of micro-organisms and plants to provide the same clean and clear water that we’ve all experienced in ponds and lakes.  Pumps and changes in temperature help keep the water circulating between more shallow and deeper zones.

2. Less Water Used

Start saving on your utility bills now!  Unlike conventional pools, natural pools don’t require any emptying and refilling.  They’ll only need to be topped up every once in a while, particularly during warmer months.

3. Less Energy Expended

Another plus – they use less energy!  All a natural swimming pool needs is a pump and a filter and it’s set.  The black lining material in the swimming area will help heat up the water naturally.

4. A Welcoming Habitat For Wildlife

Apart from being a great place for humans to frolic, your pond pool design in Phoenix will also become a beloved hotspot for dragonflies, frogs, toads, birds, and other interesting wildlife.

5. Easier On The Budget

Though the initial costs for building a natural swimming pool may be higher than conventional pools, within the first decade pool owners will have saved a significant amount on utility bills and maintenance costs.

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