A Shasta Pools Guide to Pool Finishes: Plaster, Tile, and Aggregate

Pool | 06/21/15

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Quality pool builders and designers like us here at Shasta have a variety of pool finishes available. However, without doing proper research, what can be an exciting choosing process can be downright daunting. Today we’re going to break down what the three top types of pool finishes are and explain what they can bring to your aquascape.

Plaster Pool Finishes

Known as the “tried and true” pool surface finish for pools and spas, classic white plaster has the ability to produce a brilliant and bright blue appearance. It is one of the most affordable options, but given its susceptibility to different water conditions and your environment, the appearance will change over time. When properly maintained, the changes will likely be minor (such as some minor scaling or shading). Poorly maintained plaster pools, however, will suffer cracking, staining, or even delaminating.

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Tile Pool Finishes

Tile pool finishes are enjoying an upward trend these days as pool lovers explore their many options. From ceramic to mosaic to glass tiling and beyond, homeowners are able to create a beautiful and completely customized effect.

For those who are considering glass tile, it is important to choose a company which is skilled in glass. Glass requires a bit more TLC when being placed, and the setting materials used can either leave you with a long-lasting finish or one that will come apart within a year or two.


Aggregate Pool Finishes

This type of pool finish is essentially your basic plaster with ceramic coated quartz particles mixed in. Pool owners often choose the aggregate route as it gives the pool a richer look, provides a more secure walking surface in the pool, and is arguably more durable than plain plaster. Keep in mind that it will cost more than plaster. It’s a great balance between a plaster finish and the more costly pebble or “exposed aggregate” finish.

With over 80,000 new swimming pools and over 26,000 swimming pool remodeling projects built in Arizona, Shasta has the experience to build you your perfect pool. Take a look at other design features that can be added to your pool here.

Shasta Pools is a Phoenix pool builder who provides a variety of services including swimming pool remodeling, commercial pool building, and pool service and repair. Since its establishment in 1967, Shasta has helped over 80,000 families realize their dream of pool ownership. By providing exceptional value, quality craftsmanship and superior customer service, the Shasta team continues to fulfill the corporate mission of astonishing and delighting their customers and exceeding expectations. You can learn more about Shasta Pools & Spas by visiting them online, or by connecting with them on Facebook or Twitter.



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